Update: Compound Complete with a Chapel Found Inside Newaygo Home

Posted at 12:44 PM, Apr 11, 2013

Charles Hoover

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich.- Fox 17 is uncovering more information about the home where  police believe Charles Hoover killed his wife Marcia, son Isaac.,and then himself.

Police tell us the home on 17 mile Road near M 37 in Lilley Township had a compound complete with a chapel but did not have a hardened fighting bunker.

Neighbors tell us Charles Hoover frequently spoke of preparations for the end of the world.

FOX 17: “Obviously a very tough 24 hours for the family of Charles, Marcia and Isaac Hoover.

FOX 17 has received a copy of Marcia’s 911 call. We obtained the recording under the freedom of information act.  The call lasts about a minute and is very disturbing.  As a station we are choosing not to air it.  But in hearing those final moment’s of Marcia’s life we learned her son was shot first and Marcia knew her husband was coming for her next.

As the investigation continues, we’re learning more about the family – and how their loved ones want them remembered.”

Isaac hoover

Isaac Hoover