Constant Rain Brings Threat Of Flooding Along Grand River

Posted at 10:57 PM, Apr 11, 2013

BELMONT, Mich.- The Grand River is inching closer to Konkle Road near the Jupiter Bridge in Belmont thanks to a constant rain.

According to the National Weather Service the river was measured at 10.5 feet as of Thursday.  The NWS is predicting the river will crest Sunday night at around 12 feet.

Some of the people that live on Konkle road have already moved their cars from their driveway and began parking them on higher ground.

FOX 17 spoke with a couple after they moved their car who told us this is the same story each year.

They said they are used to it and know the risks they are taking by living in an area prone to flooding.

Not all the rain is bad news however, over the winter the lack of moisture-full systems moving into the state brought Lake Michigan levels to record lows.

So, while the rain we’ve experienced in mid-April may cause some temporary flooding, it could also help replenish Lake Michigan as well.