Student Charged in Sex Assault Case

Posted at 7:44 PM, Apr 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-10 19:53:41-04

KENTWOOD, Mich. — An East Kentwood High School student is living with the traumatic experience of a sexual assault.

“We’ve met with her coach, her family, and also her counselor,” Scott Palczewski, Kentwood Public Schools Superintendent said.

On March 26th, the Kent County Sheriff’s Department said Jaylen Young, 17, led the female student to a secluded part of the high school in the 10-12 building.

The pair ended up in an empty room after their track and field practice had ended.

“The grandmother alleged that when they arrived at the location, the male student made advances toward her granddaughter leading to an assault,” Palczewski explained.

It’s not clear how the girl’s grandmother learned of the encounter. Court documents show that the grandmother reported the incident to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department on March 30th. Palczewski said the grandmother then contacted the girl’s track coach on April 1st.

In an affidavit, an investigator said Young admitted to the accusation.

Palczewski called a press conference on Wednesday to provide a timeline. He said the district has been working with the sheriff’s department since learning of the incident.

A letter was also sent home to parents, informing them of what’s been reported. Administrators met with staff as well.

“I think it’s always important as a district that parents are aware of incidents that go on. This is one that is serious. The district is going to take it seriously,” the superintendent said.

“Our expectations are safety for our staff and our students. It’s always been a priority in Kentwood and also that our parents are aware of the things that go on. Transparency has been something that we’ve been quite proud,” Palczewski continued.

Young is a member of the track team and is also a quarterback on the football team.

He’s in jail on a $75,000 bond. He’s due back in court April 22nd.