Flooding Concerns In West Michigan

Posted at 3:07 PM, Apr 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-10 15:07:30-04


(WEST MICHIGAN) — Heavy rain showers over the last 36 hours combined with snow melt have created flooding concerns across West Michigan. The National Weather Service has upgraded some areas to Flood Warnings. Here are the areas in West Michigan forecasted to flood:


Grand River, Comstock Park

Current river stage: 8.3 feet

Flood stage: 12 feet

Forecasted stage: 13.2 feet by Sunday afternoon

Impact: Abrigador trail submerged. Minor flooding of homes on Abrigador and Willow drive.

Grand River, Robinson Township

Current river stage:  9.5 feet

Flood stage: 13.3 feet

Forecasted stage:  13.8 feet by Monday morning

Impact: A few homes in Vanlopik sub-division could be surrounded by flood waters.


Rogue River, Rockford

Current river stage:  6.1 feet

Flood stage: 8.0 feet

Forecasted stage: 8.4 feet by Thursday afternoon

Impact: Minor flooding

White River, Whitehall

Current river stage: 4.1 feet

Flood stage: 6.0 feet

Forecasted stage: 6.0 feet

Impact: Minor flooding to small cottages, canoe liveries and farmland.

Muskegon River, Croton

Current river stage: 8.4 feet

Flood stage: 9.0 feet

Forecasted stage: 9.8 feet by Friday afternoon

Impact: Minor flooding of cottages and homes downstream of Newaygo on Felch Avenue in Anderson Flats, Sycamore Street in Ashland Township, Riverman Drive and South River Drive in Bridgeton Township. Salmon Run Campground’s access drive becomes inaccessible.