Sequester Grounds Thunderbirds And Blue Angels Michigan Air Shows

Posted at 10:42 PM, Apr 09, 2013

WASHINGTON D.C. — The Sequester has affected everything from more than 1 million federal workers set to begin unpaid furloughs this month, to national education K-12.

The scorecard keeps filling up.  Now the US Air Force Thunderbirds will not be performing at the 2013 Battle Creek’s “Field Of Flight” air show and Balloon Festival, according to their website.

This will also cancel Chicago’s, “Air and Water Show” as the windy city had to find last-minute back-up air entertainment after the Thunderbirds canceled.

Chicago has quickly changed their websites’ “scheduled festival entertainment.”

Battle Creek calls out the budget cuts as reasoning for the cancellation, dead-center of their website, naming the country’s sequester as the reason for avionics enthusiasts to frown.