Michigan Fans Enjoying Fan Experience In Atlanta

Posted at 9:51 PM, Apr 06, 2013

ATLANTA — Michigan Wolverine fans were donning their maize and blue. Some with painted faces, others with mohawk wigs and flashy pants.

Samir, who grew up in Ann Arbor, is a lifelong Michigan fan. He went to extremes for the Final Four with a unique shaving job on his head.

“I went to a barber shop on State Street in Ann Arbor and my buddy James took care of business,” said Samir. “I’ve got the starting lineup on one side, the ‘WE ON’ on the other and the Michigan block ‘M’ in the back.”

Fans could participate in the Madness of March with an event downtown called “The Fan Experience.” Atlanta resident and Michigan grad Justin Thomas wore his favorite maize and blue checkered pants.

“I have a bunch of buddies that play golf and they got these for me,” said Thomas.

Nearly 80,000 are expected to be in attendance for Saturday night’s Final Four at the Georgia Dome.

Fox 17’s Tara Hernandez has more with Wolverine fans in the video player.