Brittany Rector Behind Bars; New Search Warrant Revealed. Only On FOX 17

Posted at 6:55 PM, Apr 04, 2013

A search warrant is shedding more light on the latest charges that former fugitive Brittany Rector is facing.

Rector, 18, was part of the fugitive group from West Michigan that led law enforcement on a cross-country chase last October.

She went on the run with her boyfriend Kenneth Graumen, his cousin Laura Grauman and Greg Bradshaw after the two men escaped from a Lake County Correctional Facility.

All four were eventually caught in a hotel in Canon City Colorado with a working meth lab in a backpack police say Bradshaw was carrying.

Now, new details are emerging from a search warrant FOX 17 obtained on why Rector was charged with operating a meth lab after she was released from a detention facility in Colorado and was back in Michigan.

The search warrant states that on December, 29, a manager at the Family Farm and Home store in Allegan called police and told them that two clerks reported that Rector had just purchased a bottle of Red Devil Lye, drain cleaner, and a Mountain Dew, commonly used in making meth.

They also stated, “Brittany is known to be involved with methamphetamine.”

The manager provided a receipt as proof.

Police found Rector at home where she was questioned and admitted that, “she had purchased the lye with the intention that it would be used to manufacture methamphetamine.”

Officers say she then stated that she had, “thrown the lye in the Kalamazoo River later in the day.”

Then police say she changed her story.

The search warrant revealed the officers found a white plastic bottle in the back seat of a man’s 2001 Saturn that they believed contained the drain cleaner.

The car was taken into evidence.

Her next court date dealing with the meth lab charge will take place in late April in Allegan County.