A Double Murder Suspect Is Now Back In The Kent County Jail

Posted at 2:32 PM, Apr 04, 2013

higgins new mugshotGRAND RAPIDS,Mich. — Javonte Higgins the only suspect in the killing of David and Vivian Bouwman is now back in the Kent County Jail. Higgins was arrested near Chicago on Friday January 18 on unrelated charges.

So far, the only suspect in the Bouwman murders is Javonte Higgins.

David and Vivian Bouwman, both in their 80s, were found dead in their home back in January after a break in.

According to witnesses, Higgins asked to crash at a friend’s place the night of the homicide.

On January 5, that same friend’s girlfriend dropped him off three houses from where the Bouwman’s lived in Kentwood, according to witnesses.

His friends said Higgins returned hours later, after the alleged crime to his buddy’s place and was driving a Cadillac.

This Cadillac matched the description of the vehicle that belonged to the Bouwman’s that was stolen after their homicide.

Then, his friend told police that Higgins told him, ‘This is serious, I need you to roll with me, I need to get rid of this car.’

According to documents, Higgins also asked his friend to get rid of a towel and a hat.

There is also, according to records, a gas station surveillance video obtained by police from the Shell Station on 54 Street that shows a clear picture of Higgins covering his face with a towel, wearing sunglasses and filling a bucket with gasoline.

That bucket was a piece of evidence that surfaced from the apartment, which was used to torch the Cadillac.

Investigators believe David Bouwman did put up a fight during the break in, due to injuries to his body.

Higgins is the only suspect in the Bouwman murders.

Higgins has not yet been charged in the deaths

Higgins is expected to be arraigned in the 62A Wyoming District Court on Friday.