Big System Misses Michigan To The South

Posted at 9:15 PM, Mar 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-23 18:33:37-04

WEST MICHIGAN – It will be a close shave with more accumulating snow, but it appears as if most of Michigan will miss out on more winter weather. A rather large low pressure system will track south of the Great Lakes over the next few days and deliver some accumulating snow across several states. The attached snapshot shows more than a dozen states under some type of winter storm watch/warning /advisory. Click hereto see the complete list from the National Weather Service.

While most of West Michigan will be stuck under mainly cloudy skies on Sunday, the system will eventually track in to the Ohio Valley and may spread some accumulating snow as far north as the I-94 corridor later Sunday. At this point we’re not expecting anything but some light snow showers, flakes, and flurries Monday and Tuesday around Grand Rapids and vicinity. In fact, we are forecasting a gradual warm up over the next several days well in to the 40s by mid to late week.

In case your travel plans take you south, we’re expecting six to 12 inches of snow from central and northern Missouri through central Illinois and central Indiana. If you’d like to read more these warnings, you can find the National Weather Service discussion/forecast for centralIndiana here, for central Illinois here, and for Missouri here.

Our temperatures are expected to remain five to ten degrees below normal the next few days, but will eventually moderate by the middle and end of the week. In fact, we may be approaching the upper 40s/near 50 soon. As our days increase in length with more sunlight, the angle of the sun also gets higher in the sky, the temps warm a bit more as the intensity increases too. You can get the full West Michigan forecast at