College Student From Hudsonville Dies Unexpectedly At MSU

Posted at 6:14 PM, Feb 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-25 20:38:09-05

Michigan State University student Anna Flory, 19, from Hudsonville died unexpectedly on Saturday in East Lansing.

Her family said her death was very surprising to them because she had no prior medical condition and according to her dad she was, “as healthy as an ox.”

Her mom Nancy said Anna was a geology student at MSU.

The night she died, the family said Anna’s sister was staying over at her apartment home for the weekend.

When she went to wake Anna in the morning, she discovered she wasn’t breathing and had already began turning blue.

Her sister called 911 immediately.

Her family says it was a complete shock because Anna was in great shape.

In fact, they say she played volleyball at Carthage College in Wisconsin while on an academic scholarship before deciding to transfer to Michigan State University for her sophomore year to be closer to family.

Police said Anna’s death is not considered suspicious, but her parents said doctors have had a tough time discovering exactly what went wrong.

Medical experts did tell her parents Anna had a heart that was slightly larger than normal for someone her age, but they still don’t know if that’s what contributed to her death.

Her mom and dad said a cardiac pathologist is investigating.

The family thanks the West Michigan community for their support and prayers.

They say Anna was a devout Catholic.

Flory’s funeral is scheduled Wednesday.