Meteor Streaks Across Russian Sky; Hundreds Injured in Explosion

Posted at 3:48 AM, Feb 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-15 06:02:25-05

URALS REGION, Russia (Russia Today) – Russia’s Urals region has been rocked by a meteorite explosion in the stratosphere.

The impact wave damaged several buildings and blew out thousands of windows in the frigid winter weather. Hundreds sought medical attention for minor injuries.

YouTube is being flooded with new video uploads Friday morning showing the impressive fireball and the extremely loud explosion.

Early reports suggested more than 400 people sought medical attention as a result of the incident, that’s according to the Russian Interior Ministry.  CNN is reporting 247 people were hurt, with nine being hospitalized.  Most of the injuries caused by broken glass and minor concussions.  Video of the meteor can be seen below.