Boss Closes Restaurant for Grieving Employee

Posted at 12:15 PM, Feb 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-14 12:15:52-05

ALLENDALE, Mich.– We occasionally hear people refer to their co-workers as being like family. But, for one West Michigan woman, it took on a whole new meaning. Carli Kaptein said her boss closed the restaurant she works at for one day so that her co-workers could attend her father’s funeral.

“He was young, 62 years old,” said Kaptein. “He was a hands on dad, loved sports. He was always there at any sports event. That was my bond with him.”

Kaptein said her father died of a sudden heart attack in early February.

Kaptein knew she could find comfort in her fellow employees at Grand Coney Restaurant, in Allendale. But, on the day of her father’s funeral, she learned just how much they would be there for her.

When Kaptein’s boss found out about the sudden death of her father, he decided to close his restaurant an entire day so that everyone could attend the visitation.

“It was an easy decision to make,” said Chris Nyenhuis, owner of Grand Coney Restaurant.

“It made a very sad time actually happy,” said Kaptein. “That people like that would shut down a business, lose their wages, lose the restaurant income, for me and a dad they didn’t even know.”

Kaptein said she had no idea her co-workers were planning to attend.

In a time when it seems like work easily spills over into our personal lives, here is an example of making sure we keep the right priorities.