Survivor Of Deadly Highway Pile-Up Speaks Out

Posted at 8:11 PM, Feb 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-02 23:50:24-05

FERNDALE, Mich- A woman in Ferndale was one of several people to survive a deadly crash on I-75 in Detroit on Thursday. Now, she’s speaking out about what happened.

Heather Ramsey is calling it a miracle that she and her little dog, Riley made it out of the pile-up alive.  “Literally the blink of an eye it just changed,” said Heather. “So I hit directly into a semi and [my dog] went flying.  Then, unfortunately, all the cars behind me who are now in the white out, they come in and so we got hit from behind.  Then I think another semi came and hit him and hit us again.”

Heather tells our FOX affiliate in Detroit that she prayed to God during that crash, and says her car’s airbags saved them. After the accident, both Heather and her dog rode together in an ambulance to the hospital for treatment.

Ramsey says she still can’t believe what happened. “You just relive the noises and just the violence of it.  It’s awful, so I just feel sick and, again, thankful.  I can’t say thank you to God enough.”

Unfortunately, not everyone made it out of that pile-up alive. Three people were killed in that accident, including 54-year-old Larry Manolis from Allen Park. A pair of siblings from Windsor were also killed. Police say 7-year-old Aidan Hicks from Ontario died from his injuries in the pile-up. His 9 year-old stepsister was also killed, though her name has not been released yet.

Several other people were hurt in that crash and are still recovering in the hospital, including the parents of the Windsor children. Meanwhile, police are still investigating and hope to have a report sometime next week.