Homowner Shot During Home Invasion, Suspects ‘Armed & Dangerous’

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jan 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-19 23:40:16-05

A quiet Friday night on Chelten Avenue in Kalamazoo turned chaotic around 11:30.

It started with the sound of gunshots.

“I heard a lady yelling help me, help me. She was screaming ‘somebody help me, help me!’ I couldn’t really see what was going on so I just grabbed the phone and called 911,” a neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, said.

Police say four people were getting ready to leave their home when two men with guns walked up and tried to rob them.

The 25 year old homeowner tried to take one of the suspect’s guns. “I saw a little kid and her standing their screaming and people were running around the car,” the neighbor said.

During the struggle, the gun went off twice. One bullet hit a wall. The other hit the homeowner in the stomach.

Police say even though the homeowner was shot, he still managed to take the robber’s gun. That’s when the second suspect assaulted the homeowner, grabbed the gun and both suspects got away.

The victim’s girlfriend, his 4 year old son, and 18 year old nephew were in a car when this started.

They ran to safety and called 911. Then the four sped toward the hospital. That’s when police stopped and questioned them. The victim made it Bronson Hospital, where he was treated and released.

“Great guy, [he] always says hello. Watchin’ out for us,” a second neighbor said.

This neighbor didn’t want to be identified, but he says the guy who was shot looked out for a lot of people and was getting an education.

Now police say two men are on the loose second neighbor. “You just hope that his son’s alright, and they find somebody at some point,” the neighbor said.

Police say the suspects got away with two cell phones.

One of the suspects is about 6’5, 240 pounds. The other is around 5’7, and may have dreadlocks. Both were wearing all dark clothing and masks, and are considered armed and dangerous.

Call silent observer if you know something. The number is 269-343-2100.