January Weather So Far

Posted at 4:19 PM, Jan 16, 2013

WEST MICHIGAN — (FOX 17) — We’re about halfway through what has been an amazingly mild and relatively snowless month.

TEMPERATURES: The high so far in January has been 57 degrees, which occurred on the 12th. The low has been 16, which happened on the 15th. Overall, Grand Rapids is running 106 total degrees above normal, or an average of  7.1 degrees per day.

PRECIPITATION, INCLUDING SNOW: There has been 1.14″ of precipitation so far this month, and this amount is jut 0.05″ below normal. However, most of the precipitation has fallen in the form of rain and very little in the form of snow. The snowfall total so far in January is just 2.1″, and this is 9.1″ below normal. For the season, the total is just 9.6″, which is an incredible 31″ below normal.

BIG CHANGES AHEAD: There is no doubt that the second half of January is going to be a lot colder and snowier than the first half. An Arctic blast is poised to move in next week, and this will generate some heavy lake-effect snow. For the latest, join us on FOX 17 or click the weather page at