Woman Freed After Killing Boyfriend Christmas Day: New Details Emerge On Relationship

Posted at 10:55 PM, Dec 28, 2012

Saginaw, Mich. —  The woman accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend on Christmas Day in Grand Rapids was released from the Kent County Jail as prosecutors continue to look into whether or not they should charge her.

Prosecutors say Taneesha Smith is claiming she shot Darwin Demarcus Weathers, 34, in self-defense.

The couple moved to Grand Rapids from Saginaw about four months ago.

We looked into some documents from the Saginaw County courthouse and discovered Weathers had a history of domestic violence reports in Saginaw including alleged threats against Smith.

A Buena Vista Township Police document said Smith reported that Weathers threatened her in September after she had dropped her children off at school.

Smith reported that he began arguing with her over custody of their child.

She claimed Weathers pushed her down and pulled out a black semi-auto pistol from his back, racked the slide and pointed it at her saying, “I am not messing with you, I’ll kill you.”

Taneesha told police she and her 3-year-old son and her sister then left the house.

Smith moved to Grand Rapids shortly after she filed the report.

Weathers later followed her after the two reportedly got back together.

Weathers also has a history of weapons violations including felony firearm charges that go back about 10 years.

In addition to Taneesha Smith’s report, we found protection orders taken out by two other women against Smith in 1998 and 2002.

With Smith now saying she shot Weathers to defend herself, the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office is working with detectives to sort out whether that is indeed the case.

“She was released because it’s still under investigation,” said Prosecutor Bill Forsyth. “She’s claiming self-defense.  She was released because we can’t hold her indefinitely.  We are not in a position to charge her at this point.”

Court documents also indicate Smith reported being a victim of domestic violence in a previous relationship.

When she reported the threat against Weathers in September, it was her sixth reported case of domestic violence in Saginaw County.