Snow Drought Continues Across Michigan, Midwest

Posted at 6:44 PM, Dec 25, 2012

WEST MICHIGAN — (FOX 17) — For the second year in a row, the snow season is off to a slow start in Michigan and many areas across the rest of the Midwest.

GRAND RAPIDS: As of December 25, Grand Rapids has only received 2.7″ of snow so far this season. This is 21.7″ below the normal of 24.4″. It’s also even less than what we had last year at this point (3.9″).


  • Alpena’s total is only 12.7″, which is 10.6″ below normal.
  • Marquette’s total so far of 47.9″ is 17.0″ below normal.
  • Detroit has received 2.2″ so far, and this is 6.7″ below normal.
  • Sault St. Marie is one of the few places with above normal snowfall. Their total of 50.4″ is 14.5″ above normal.


  • South Bend, Ind., which is also in a lake-effect snow belt is also in the midst of the snow drought. Their total of 2.6″ is 18.6″ below normal.
  • Another big snow area, Buffalo, N.Y., is running 23.4″ below normal. The total there is a paltry 6.6″.
  • Cleveland’s total so far is 4.6″, and this is 10.7″ below normal.
  • Chicago has only had 0.3″ so far this winter, and this is 7.4″ below normal.

FORECAST: Some snow is in the forecast for many of these locations Wednesday and Thursday. For the latest local weather, visit