Carolers Spread Holiday Cheer to Seniors

Posted at 10:41 PM, Dec 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-24 22:43:53-05

The sound of Christmas echoed in the streets of Wyoming tonight.

That’s thanks to a group of carolers who spread some holiday cheer. About 10 people of all ages went door to door on Clyde Park to sing to senior citizens.

Yule tide carols were sung by a choir with FOX 17 photojournalist Ben Strack lending his voice.

The group also passed out poinsettias all in the holiday spirit.

Group leader Shaun DeWolf said the group just wanted “to bring happiness, smiles to people’s faces. With all the bad stuff that’s been going on we thought that we would do something different, positive. People could turn the news on and see something positive.”

“Very nice during the holiday season and for it being as cold as it is, it was very special moment,” resident PJ Scribner said.

After caroling, the group said it paid 20 dollars worth of gas at the pump for two drivers.