Dog Eats UPS Deliveries

Posted at 6:37 PM, Dec 21, 2012
and last updated 2013-08-15 15:41:08-04

Ada, Mich. –  Millions of deliveries are made during the holidays each year.  Some us worry about the safety of our packages: Will they be there when we get home?  Could someone take them?

For one West Michigan family, the biggest threat is a sneaky little thief living under their own roof.

Meet Bailey.  She’s a good dog.

When her owners are gone, she keeps an eye on the house in Ada, and gets free reign over the yard.

“(Bailey) loves being outside, even when it’s cold out,” said owner Hobie Bergnon.

The 12-year-old Pointer especially likes staying outside during the holidays, because sometimes, even a good dog, can’t resist a sweet treat.

“I came home and found some packages in the driveway that were all torn open,” Bergnon said.  “(Bailey) had eaten all the chocolate covered cherries, and the night before I … found the package in the driveway (that had) bacon peanut brittle.”

Bailey had eaten the entire one pound bag of Bergnon’s favorite holiday treat, and that’s not all.

“Last Christmas she ate an entire box of baklava that was on the front porch.”

That package was left on the porch by UPS.

“Drivers are trained … if it’s a non-signature required package, to go ahead a leave the package if it’s in a safe environment.”

Chris Yohn of UPS Communications says most customers would rather have their package left at their door, than have to wait to get it, or not get it at all.

“Certainly (the drivers try to) keep it out of the weather and out of sight as much as possible,” Yohn adds.

Bergnon understands that his dog is very determined.

“If there’s food, she’s going to get into it,” he smiles.  “We can’t really blame UPS, I know they’re in a big hurry right now.”

UPS says communicating with your driver is key.

“If it’s a special request that the customer has … (the driver) will do what they can to best service that customer, in a way they want to be serviced,” Yohn said.

Now, there’s a big, colorful sign at next to Bailey’s heated bed in the garage, so hopefully, next time the stoop won’t be empty, and Hobie can feast on his edible gifts himself.

You’re expecting a package, UPS suggests using their new service called UPS My Choice.  It gives you free emails letting you know when your package is on the way; or for a fee, you can actually reroute your package if necessary.