Kalamazoo Murder-Suicide Leaves Husband And Wife Dead

Posted at 7:16 PM, Dec 16, 2012
A murder-suicide at a Kalamazoo home has left the parents of three children dead.
Kalamazoo Public Safety responded to a domestic assault call at the 2200 block of Lakeway Avenue around 2:00 Sunday morning.
Police say the bodies of Nawfal Rachdi, 25, and his wife Andrea Rachdi, 29, were found inside. According to police, Rachdi killed his wife before taking his own life. Causes of death haven’t been released as of Sunday evening.
Neighbors say the Rachdis had three kids that weren’t at home when their parents died. The youngest was born around the time the family moved into their home last summer.
The children are staying with family for now.
Charles Vine has lived in the neighborhood for 43 years. This morning’s incident is very out of the ordinary for an area with Christmas decorations at nearly every door.
“It’s a close neighborhood,” Vine says. “Everybody knows everybody here. Just kind of a shock that that happened. Everybody that talked to her said they seemed like nice people.”
“You never know what’s going on.”
The investigation into the case is ongoing.