Democratic State Reps Against Right-To-Work Before Vote

Posted at 1:48 PM, Dec 11, 2012

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (FOX 17) – As protesters rallied outside, democrats in the State House were speaking out on the floor against the right-to-work legislation before its vote by members of the state house.

Democratic State Representative Barb Byrum of Onondaga said the current legislation is absolute evidence that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  “This is not the Michigan I grew up in,” said Byrum.

Democratic State Representative David Rutledge of Yipsilanti said the process was not done openly and he expressed his disappointment in the methods used. “I believe in procedures.  I believe in the laws of this body.  I believe in the committee process…I object,” said Rutledge. “I could not even walk through those doors up there to visit to somebody I saw in the galley. Something’s wrong in this process Mr. Speaker.  If this is so great, why do we choose this fashion in order to do it?”

Democratic State Representative of Lincoln Park, Paul Clemente said his district was a moderate district but he was troubled by the legislation. “The concern I have today is we are losing something.  It’s moderation.  Be assured, outside this chamber, minds are being changed today,” said Clemente.

“I expect things in Lansing to be different.  This process is supposed to be built on fairness, equality and justice. This bill has not had a single hearing. Twenty-five percent of this group that will is voting will not be back in January.  Why are we trying to ram it through without public insight and transparency?” Democratic State Representative of Battle Creek Kate Segal said.