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Behind-the-scenes video: Hunting the studio fly

Posted at 12:06 PM, Nov 15, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-15 12:13:20-05

If you watched FOX 17 Morning News Thursday, you may have seen an epic struggle unfold.  While deer hunters ventured out into the woods around West Michigan, meteorologist Jon Shaner made it his mission to hunt a pair of unusually large houseflies that had been bothering the anchors in the studio for a couple of days.

The hunt was unsuccessful for most of the morning, as the flies enjoyed hiding out in the lights above the studio, just out of reach.  But the presence of food brought them closer when Meijer healthy living advisor Shari Steinbach visited the studio.  As she prepared for a segment, Jon attempted to whack a fly hiding on her table.  Unfortunately, he instead hit the spoon resting in a bowl of turkey and spinach soup, sending the soup flying through the air — and right at Shari.  Thanks to cat-like reflexes, Shari was able to dodge the stream of airborne soupiness and emerge unscathed.  So did the fly, which Jon had missed entirely.

After several hours, Jon finally managed to smack one fly out of midair… but at least one intruder still remains at large.

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