Rave Motion Pictures In Kalamazoo Is Closing November 25th

Posted at 6:24 PM, Nov 13, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-17 18:57:17-05

It has added to the downtown experience in Kalamazoo for the last 6 years, now Rave Motion Pictures is closing its doors.

Saturday, the theatre announced it will be closing permanently November 25th.

“This is typically where I would go to see a movie. I just liked the fact that it was downtown and I thought it was great that they were doing something to help the downtown,” Greg Waskowsky, live in Kalamazoo said.

Greg Waskowsky says Rave Motion Pictures has always been his theater of choice. He lives close to downtown Kalamazoo and loves having a theater close to home.

“It`s just kind of nice, personally I try to stay away from the malls and I like the atmosphere here and it`s a good place to go to a movie,” Waskowsky said.

Initially, Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated said  Rave would stay open through the holiday season, but those plans soon changed.

“It’s only 6 years old it has all the digital screens and all the high-tech options for theaters of its kind,” Steve Deisler, Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated said.

Entertainment Properties Trust owns the property.

Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated says the current owner is already talking to another company about filling this space.

Deisler is anxious for the deal to be sealed and anticipates an announcement as soon as everything is finalized.

He hopes that will happen sometime in the next month.

“We think it’s going to bring a really new urban experience to downtown. Different than what Rave had been doing there, but you have to be a little creative here. I think it`s a little different format than we offer,” Deisler said.

“I`ll just wait until it opens again, unless there is something I just have to see, but other than that, it`s going to be Nextflix,” Waskowsky said.

If you have unused tickets or gift cards, you’re asked to return them to the theatre by November 25th for a refund.