Scary Good Halloween Apps

Posted at 9:44 PM, Oct 29, 2012
and last updated 2013-02-20 12:58:02-05

Halloween combines some of my favorite things: candy, costumes, and now technology. This Halloween, we have some apps you can use to make your own digital costumes, find haunted locations near you and even turn yourself into a Zombie.

Finding a Halloween costume is going to be a breeze with the help of Digitaldudz.

The app offers dozens of t-shirts that come to life with the help of your smartphone. All you need to do is download the Digitaldudz app, order a shirt off their website and voila, you’ve got a creative and eye catching costume.

Digitaldudz Founder Mark Rober made a splash online when his makeshift costume went viral on Youtube last year. And now, he’s back with a lot of new options.

I thought of the idea…you know what if you made an app and then had some shirts and combined the two,” said Rober. “You know, for the price of a T-shirt, you got a pretty cool costume.”

Haunted houses are also a fun part of Halloween, so why not seek out the real thing? With the Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder app you can find haunted locations nearby.

Inspired by the show, you can use the app to visit the location virtually or, if you’re brave enough, plan a night around it! The app costs 99 cents on iPhone.

You can also instantly transform your pictures into something more goulish. With the help of the Zombie Booth app, you can see how you and your friends would look as zombies.

The 3D effects and interactive features make the app tons of fun to use. The app is currently free on Android and 99 cents on iOS.


Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder

Digitaldudz DIY Costume

Zombie Booth – Android iOS

Special thanks to Paranoia Haunted Attraction