Court Documents Show How Teen Got Mixed Up With Fugitives

Posted at 8:55 PM, Oct 18, 2012
and last updated 2013-02-20 13:02:10-05


New court documents are describing just what might have happened to 17-year-old Brittany Rector to draw her into drugs and a life on the run with her boyfriend Kenneth Grauman II, his cousin Laura Lee Grauman, and her boyfriend Greg Bradshaw.

Brittany’s mother, Judith Olexa, says she’s angry and disgusted at what the documents reveal about what was happening to her daughter. “Makes e sick,” says Olexa.
The details essentially say Kenneth Grauman II sent his cousin Laura Grauman out into the community to look for a young girl to get hooked on meth.

Documents outline a timeline of how Brittany met Kenneth. Law enforcement agents reported that while Grauman was in jail in Michigan, Brittany Rector’s mom estimates that was sometime in early 2012, he told others he “wanted a pretty girl.”

Investigators say to get that girl, he called on his cousin, Laura Grauman, and asked her to bring a girl the next time she visited. If he ‘okayed’ the girl, Laura Lee was to feed her meth to get her hooked. Detectives say Laura chose Rector, brought her to the jail and Kenneth liked her so Laura started giving her meth.

The information was reportedly corroborated by Rector’s mother and jail visitation records and CI corroboration.

Documents say, following the escape, Kenneth Grauman II had told an information in Michigan that if police caught them, he was going to shoot Brittany Rector and then go out in a blaze of glory. He allegedly said he wasn’t going to let Rector get away from him and the drugs.

Kenneth also reportedly ranted about getting into a gun battle with cops. Records say the law enforcement officials familiar with him felt certain this situation would end in a shoot-out.

Around the Allegan area, Kenneth Grauman was reportedly called “Boss” and police say he was known as “the guy” to get meth from and everyone was scared to death of him, that according to court documents.

“It’s my daughter, it’s my, thank you is not enough, not enough at all,” said Judith Olexa, Brittany Rector’s mom. She is grateful law enforcement was able to rescue her teen daughter from Kenneth Grauman II. “I’ve said it to quite a few I’ve had a chance to speak with. (They say) this is my job. To me, it was more than that, a whole lot more,” says Judith.

Judith is trying to raise money to go visit her daughter, who is being held as a juvenile in Colorado. She has set up a donation section located on her “prayers for a safe return” page on facebook.
Detectives also released more information into Kenneth Grauman II’s history through court. They say they arrested him on several occasions and he had been in and out of prison and was on parole. He had an ethnic intimidation charge for burning crosses in yards of an African American family.

He also has a felony possession of a firearm charge and possibly a felonious assault conviction.

Kenneth is constantly on the run in Allegan for parole violations, consequently law enforcement officials said they frequently had to hunt him down about every couple months. They called him a meth cook and a hard core user. Everyone described in his “little crew of tweakers” calls him “Boss” because he is the leader of the group.

Law enforcement learned that he attempts to intimidate anyone who crosses him or is going to testify against him. He was reported as carrying a gun for the past six months and a detective had reports of him threatening others with the firearms, but the victims had refused to testify.

Other parts of the court documents revealed what was found in the hotel room where the four were allegedly staying. Law enforcement officials say they found a glass meth pipe in a small velvet bag on the floor behind the dresser.

Next to the second bed, they found a plaid back pack that Bradshaw was known to carry. In it they found; a plastic Mountain Dew bottle with liquid suspected to be a one-pot method of manufacturing meth and there appeared to be an active chemical reaction occurring in that container.

They also found; a second pop bottle filled with what could have been kosher salt, a bottle of lye drain cleaner, a container of professional drain cleaner in a clear plastic bag, a spray can of tire sealant, an opened package of paper coffee filters, approximately 10 lithium batteries, a pair of heavy duty gloves, and a gun.

The weapon was reportedly a nickel finish Sturm Ruger revolver, loaded with five live rounds which was determined to be a stolen weapon from one of the Michigan burglaries in which the suspects are believed to be involved.

All three adults appeared in court this morning. Laura Grauman is set for filling of charges and entry of alternate defense counsel October 30th. Kenneth Grauman II is set for filing of charges on October 24th. Bradshaw is set for a filing of charges on October 24th as well. The extradition cases for both men are trailing the local charges. Bond is set for the extradition cases at $500,000 cash only.