Mother Of Youngest Fugitive Talks

Posted at 8:57 PM, Oct 13, 2012


The days and nights have been long for Judith.  Her daughter went missing on September 30th, just one day after Kenneth Grauman and Gregory Bradshaw escaped from a Lake County rehab facility. Judith was worried Brittany was with them from the beginning.

“Where is she? I knew he wouldn’t come to my house and just yank her out of here. So, my first thoughts were; where did she go? Did she go to meet up with him?” Olexa said.

Brittany Rector was dating Kenneth Grauman.

“She knew we didn’t like him, she knew we didn’t like the difference in the age. She knew we definitely didn’t like that drugs were involved. She knew I was in fear for her life,” Olexa said.

After getting an anonymous call saying Brittany was okay, Judith wanted to hear from her daughter herself. Days later, Judith was at her other daughter’s volleyball game and received another call. This time it was the U.S. Marshall.

“I looked at it and saw two missed messages and then I saw there was a text from him. So, I flipped it open and it said to call him as soon as possible,” Olexa said.

Brittany was in custody, found at a motel in Colorado with the rest of the group.  This distraught mom was relieved Brittany was alive. She then thought about her daughter’s future and what was next for her.

Judith finally got the chance to talk to her daughter Friday, when she called her from jail. The conversation only lasted 5 minutes, but it meant a lot to her to hear her daughter’s voice.

“She says she’s cried a lot and I’m sure she’s scared. I just want to get her home. I want to get her in a program.  Get her help, get her off this stuff, get her life back,” Olexa said.