All Four Michigan Fugitives Caught in Colo., Girlfriends Facing Charges

Posted at 8:59 PM, Oct 12, 2012

CANON CITY, Colo. — Authorities have confirmed to FOX 17 that the four fugitives from West Michigan, on the run for almost two weeks, have been apprehended.

US Marshals say a meth lab was found in the motel they were staying in Canon City, CO.

Investigators from the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force, the Michigan Department of Corrections Absconder Recovery Unit, the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department, the Allegan City Police Department, and the Michigan State Police have been actively hunting for the escapees.

Information forwarded to US Marshals in Colorado indicated that the fugitives were in Cañon City, Colo. US Marshals worked with local law enforcement to track the four to a motel in the area.

Bailey Owen, a local hotel worker, told FOX 17 she was tipped off by her husband, who works at the local jail, that something was going on. He warned her to stay inside. She said that roads were closed down throughout Cañon City, and schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution.

According to Owen, the four were in nearby gambling town Cripple Creek, and came back toward Canon City via Shelf Rd., a winding narrow dirt road. The fugitives are said to have crashed their vehicle along the road, and then hitchhiked back to Cañon City where they picked up a vehicle, stolen from Iowa, that had a stolen Canon City plate on it.

Around 7 p.m. Thursday, the four were taken into custody without incident.

A meth lab was discovered in the room after the arrest. It was described as a small, mobile lab that had just been setup, and hadn’t made any finished product yet. Authorities also seized nearly $3,000 in cash from the foursome. Authorities also seized a stolen .357 handgun from Michigan.

Laura Lee Grauman and Brittany Rector were both arrested in the operation, and will be charged in Fremont County, Colo.

Kenneth Grauman II and Greg Bradshaw are being held at Fremont County Jail awaiting extradition back to Michigan where they will face felony charges.

Upon hearing of the arrests, FOX 17 went to the home of Brittany Rector, whose family was ecstatic at the news she is safe, but declined to comment further.

Originally the manhunt started when Kenneth Grauman II and Greg Bradshaw escaped from a Lake County halfway house. They then fled with Brittany Rector and Laura Grauman, their girlfriends.

The pair fled from police at least three times in Michigan since their escape, and are believed to have stolen at least one car in Allegan County, along with several others on their way through other states.