While snow is here today, a stretch of 60°+ is coming

Some days could even make it to 70°
Posted at 9:38 AM, Nov 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-01 09:38:52-05

WEST MICHIGAN — Sunday will be a tiny speed bump in a gorgeous stretch of weather.

The scary part of the Halloween weekend is thrown upon West Michigan today with wicked winds and scattered heavy snow. Travel will be hazardous at times as visibility will be low in some of the showers and the wind could push your car around a bit.

Wind speeds will be between 20-30 mph with scattered gusts from 45-50 mph. A few gusts could top out around 55 mph along Lake Michigan. This is strong enough to take down most of the remaining leaves on the trees and cause even some power outages.

The snow will become heavy by the end of the morning, aided by cold air moving over the mild Lake Michigan waters. The good news for those that don't want to shovel or snow blow is the ground is too warm for anything to stick. The only spots that will see a light coating of snow will be on the grass, roofs, decks or even your car.

The taste of winter will be short lived, with conditions improving as soon as Monday. Temperatures under some sunshine will jump into the 40s, so any lingering snow will quickly melt.

The nice pattern with high pressure in control will continue to expand and strengthen, leading to a long stretch of 60s beginning Wednesday. Most days beyond Wednesday will get well into the 60s, with the weekend having the best chance of approaching 70 degrees.