Light rain/snow takes us through the last weekend of fall

Don't expect a ton of snow to stick
Posted at 8:27 AM, Dec 19, 2020

Winter officially begins on Monday at 5:02 AM, but this weekend will give us a little taste of the season.

Just like we have seen with many systems that have come through the area the past few months, snow will be lacking with this one. Precipitation will be light and will likely be rain at times. This means snow will be nonexistent as we start the new season in a few days.

Even though it won't stick, it will still get us more in the holiday spirit to at least see a few snowflakes flying through the air. A better chance of snow that will stick will actually come on the first day of winter. This system will be better organized and have a little more moisture with it. This will not be anything you have to shovel, but enough to coat the ground in some frozen fun.

If anything does stick on Monday, it will quickly melt Tuesday with the return of sunshine and temperatures around 40°. While this may make it seem like the chance of a White Christmas is not in the plans this year, that actually isn't true. What looks like the best chance of area-wide snow this season will come through Wednesday night, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Most of this snow will be lake-effect, and will likely bring at least an inch of snow to several communities by Christmas Morning. We will have more details on this storm tomorrow!

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