West Michigan enjoying one of the sunniest months of March ever

Long, Dry Stretch Ahead
6Z RPM 12KM Midwest.png
Posted at 5:37 AM, Mar 19, 2021

WEST MICHIGAN — Now that spring has arrived, the unseasonably warm temperatures are continuing.

Normal high temps for this time of year have us in the middle 40s.

6Z RPM 12KM Midwest.png

If this March seems to be extremely sunny and pleasant, that indeed has been the case. The top five months of March for the sunniest weather have been 76% of available sun in 1918, 72% in 2009, 69% in 1945, 68% in 1969, and 66% in 2000. Normally, we'd only see about 48% of available sunshine in March.

Thus far in March 2021, we've recorded 76% sunshine. See graphic below.

Sunniest Marches.png

The only possible issue with lower relative humidity level (probably less than 30%) means we may have an increased fire danger by the time we get to Sunday and beyond. Please be careful when burning or lighting campfires.

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