Sunday's dry conditions and warmth bring increased fire risk

The risk is highest Sunday - Tuesday
Fire risk this weekend
Posted at 9:20 AM, Nov 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-08 09:53:19-05

The leaves are almost all off the trees and coat the ground in a multitude of colors. While bagging may be the popular choice to get rid of them, burning is also some times an option, but should not be used over the next few days.

The record-setting warmth along with a warm, southerly wind and very dry conditions will lead to an increase fire risk through Tuesday. The last three months have been drier than normal, meaning the ground and vegetation is moisture-starved.

The National Weather Service recommends you refrain from tossing cigarette buds anywhere outside, dragging chains behind your vehicle which could spark and cause a wildfire, grilling in the nice weather on the grass or parking your vehicle in tall grass as the hot portions of the car could lead to a fire. It is also important to not burn any leaves or even make a open bonfire to enjoy the last taste of summer we have.

If you come across a small fire that has begun, if you can put it out safely with water or something that could stamp it out, you can do so before it spreads. If it is not safe to put it out on your own, call 911. If you go against recommendations and burn anyway, make sure it is completely out and no longer hot before leaving the area.