Average temperatures anticipated in West Michigan for the start of March

Posted at 8:22 AM, Feb 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-26 08:22:50-05

WEST MICHIGAN — Slowly but surely, temperatures are expected to climb in West Michigan this week! While temperatures are not expected to be exceptionally warm, any warmth is welcomed at this point!

West Michigan's high temperatures have been in the 20s the past several days. The latest forecast models suggest temperatures reaching the lower 30s on Monday, gradually climbing to the upper 30s for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Temperature Trend.png

Extended outlooks for the beginning of March suggest average temperatures in West Michigan for the start of March. The latest outlook from the Climate Prediction Center extends from March 5th through March 11th. The outlook shares cooler-than-average temperatures in the Western United States and much warmer-than-average temperatures in the Southeastern United States. West Michigan falls under the gray zone, which is considered "normal" or average temperatures.


The average high temperature on March 5th is 40 degrees in West Michigan, and the average high temperature on March 11th is 42 degrees. This outlook suggests that West Michigan will have high temperatures between 40 to 42 degrees within that time frame.

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