Suns fever takes over Phoenix-area assisted living facility

quail park
Posted at 3:10 PM, Jul 09, 2021

GILBERT, Ariz. — Some of the most loyal Suns fans have been cheering on the team for decades. They have stuck by them through thick and thin, and they have the ticket stubs to prove it.

They are the fans living inside Phoenix-area assisted living facilities, and they have years' worth of colorful stories to share.

Suns fever is alive and well at Gilbert's Quail Park at Morrison Ranch. A sign reading "seniors for Suns" greets visitors driving into the facility.

Inside, the main reception area and hallways are decked out in purple and orange streamers and balloons.

Residents were decked out in badges, team apparel and beads as they got ready to cheer on the home team for Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

Among the fans at Quail Park at Morrison Ranch are Ione and Carl Biehler, who are both 91 years old.

"We had season tickets, fourth row from the floor," Ione Biehler said.

The Biehlers even worked for the Suns as ushers during the 1995 All-Star game.

"It was an amazing time," Ione Biehler said. "We'd always go early so we could watch the practice," she added.

Now the Biehlers are front and center at their assisted living facility, surrounded by fans as they cheer on the Suns every chance they get.

Esther Ong, another resident at Quail Park at Morrison Ranch, expressed her enthusiasm for the Suns by creating badges with the Suns' logo for all her neighbors to wear.

"I'm a diehard fan for the Suns," Ong said. "You know, a long time ago, I didn't have money to have cable TV, so I drove 30 miles to my friend's house to watch the Suns games."

"I get pretty tense, and I want them to win," LeahRae Duea said.

"They just showed what they can do, and they come out, they win, they win, they win," added LeahRae's husband, Ed Duea.

Suns fans at Quail Park at Morrison Ranch are confident that their team will bring home the trophy this year.

"They are going to win," Ione Biehler said.

"Go, go, go, bring home that trophy to us," Ong cheered.

This story was originally published by Sonu Wasu on Scripps station KNXV in Phoenix.