Pure Michigan Talent Connect brings employers and job seekers together during COVID-19

Posted at 10:36 AM, May 05, 2020

Pure Michigan Talent Connect offers employers a way to put out the word on the need for employees that have arisen due to COVID-19. And for job seekers, there are ways to connect directly to employers seeking help.

Employers and job seekers can create accounts to make the site’s features functional.

The main Pure Michigan Talent Connect web page features links to employers who are hiring and the most recent jobs posted. It also provides a search engine that lets you search for jobs based on keywords, job titles, locations, or zip codes.

The COVID-19 On Demand Hiring Intake Form lets employers directly input job information that will be posted to the COVID-19 Job Portal upon approval.

The COVID-19 Job Portal lists positions available and directly links to job applications to fill out.

As of this writing, the COVID-19 Job Portal connected to more than 9,000 immediate job openings.

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