My Rebound: Thankful Tuesdays

Posted at 11:10 PM, Sep 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 23:10:33-04

Why do I love Tuesdays so much? Is it because of “Pancake Tuesday”? Enjoying those cheap Tuesday movie tickets? There is a theme that happens each day of my week and Tuesdays, when productivity is high and gas is cheap, seems full of unique grace. So I decided to make it my day to express my gratitude to the world.

Last Tuesday started at 5 a.m. like any other day. After a quick stretch, I walked (in the pouring rain) to beat my personal best by at least a tenth of a mile. This tiny victory put an extra dose of positivity in my steps. I dried out at home and got busy calling a handful of people to say hello and catch up.

I wanted to enjoy celebrating what my friends had been doing lately and have some really positive conversations. Most of my friends know I'm currently not working a steady job, and I found myself on the receiving end of a lot of kind words as well. It's so sweet to see people go out of their way to help each other.

This summer, Tuesdays already started off as the day when they offer free lunches from my son Redd’s school. It’s great to have such community support on our side for when we need to trim a few dollars here and there. Other blessings have been more mysterious. A few months ago on a Tuesday, someone sent a delivery driver to our house with a pizza, breadsticks, and all of the extras. I remember it distinctly, as I ran into the street trying to chase down the delivery driver. I thought it was a mistake until I called the store to check.

A little while ago my friend Missy gave us plants to help jump-start our garden on a Tuesday. The cucumbers have taken off and are big enough to pick now. It was funny to see my six-year-old Redd pull a prickly one fresh from the vine. He didn’t expect it to feel so different from the smooth version at the grocery store. These happy reasons to be thankful just seem to come around on Tuesdays.


It was also a Tuesday when my friend Sony and I delivered rice donations to a local charity from his grocery store. I decided to show my appreciation for this giving attitude by sticking around at the store afterwards and helping out for an hour. Then I filled a cart with the things on the list Jackie gave me. As I whipped out my credit card at the register, I was surprised to find my groceries had already been paid for. On top of that, we were given a big box of mangoes, because Sony knows what we enjoy eating!

Tuesdays happen to be a day of blessings, and as we navigate future challenges with the virus still around, being thankful is a number one priority. I will continue to believe and keep my faith secure that God surrounds us with good people. It's fun to set aside a day to celebrate. What makes you thankful?

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