$5.62 billion paid so far in Michigan unemployment benefits

Posted at 11:40 AM, May 14, 2020

LANSING, Mich. — As of May 13, Michigan's unemployment system has paid out $5,625,085,822.

That’s $5.625 billion.

So far, benefits have been paid to 1,374,751 workers, says the Unemployment Insurance Agency in a release. The release stated that 92 percent of eligible claimants have either received benefits or have been approved to receive benefits.

“Our focus remains on helping those who still need one on one assistance to receive benefits,” said Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity Director Jeff Donofrio. “We appear to be outpacing most other states in paying benefits and processing claims.”

The release also had figures on people whose claims have hit snags.

  • There are 94,309 claims on non-monetary hold due to federal rules.
  • There are 32,821 people who have issues applying to prior UIA claims.
  • The two categories total 134,130, or eight percent of total claims.