West Michigan Community Day of Remembrance honors lives lost in 9/11

Posted at 5:16 AM, Sep 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-11 09:14:24-04

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. — To honor those who lost their lives September, 11th 2001 the annual West Michigan Community Day of Remembrance and Scout Salute will take place Friday, but a bit different than years past, it will be held virtually.

Friday marks the 19th year the President Ford Field Service Council and Boy Scouts of America will hold the day long salute for the West Michigan community with help from Gerald R. Ford Museum and Presidential Foundation.

To take part visit the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation’s Facebook page at sunrise around 7:19AM where you’ll see the introduction of the Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard, along with the Grand Rapids Police and Fire Departments will then lower the flag outside the museum to pay respect to all those who died during the terrorist attacks.

A bell will also be rang at different times throughout the morning symbolizing the exact times planes crashed into the buildings.

There will also be several speakers throughout the day as well before the closing ceremony and taps are played.

“Well 911 changed world history, not just U.S. history, not just Middle Eastern history, it changed world history. So, it's a huge event. Makes sense but also in the micro sense it's important because 3000 individuals' lives were lost. And we want to remember those people, these innocent men, women and children who were singled out for attack, whether they were in Shanksville on an airplane or whether they were reporting to work in the World Trade Center or civilian or military folks going there going about their business, unprovoked attack. And it's important that we honor them, and never forget them,” says Gleaves Whitney, executive director, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.

The schedule of events for the Community Day of Remembrance and Scout Salute on Friday, September 11, 2019, includes:

  • 7:18 AM Scout Salute Begins
  • 7:19 AM Opening/Invocation/Introduction of Honor Guard (Sunrise)
  • 7:19 AM Honor Guard Lowers Flag Honor Guard (at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum)
  • 8:46 AM Ring Bell for South Tower GR Fire
  • 9:03 AM Ring Bell for North Tower GR Fire
  • 9:37 AM Ring Bell for Pentagon GR Fire
  • 10:03 AM Ring Bell for United Airline Flight 175 GR Fire
  • 12:00 noon Speaker – General McDaniel
  • 6:45 PM Boy Scouts of America discussion on the day’s activities
  • 7:59 PM Final Salute with Echo Taps (Sunset)
  • 8:00 PM Scout Salute Closes