Several arrests made in shooting death of 2-year-old along I-75, MSP says

I-75 shooting
2-year-old killed on freeway
Brison Christian
Posted at 5:25 PM, Jun 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-19 17:39:06-04

DETROIT, MI (WXYZ) — Michigan State Police said they have made several arrests in connection to the shooting death of atwo year old along 1-75 near McNichols Roadin Detroit June 17.

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The 2 year old has been identified as Brison Christian from Dearborn. His 9-year-old brother BJ was also shot during in the incident and is expected to be okay.

I-75 shooting
The 2 year old killed in this shooting is Brison Christian, pictured on the left with his older brother BJ. BJ was also shot but survived.

MSP said they are still in the early investigation phase and more information is to come.

“He was ahead of his time, it hurt he got took so soon,” said Brison's father Brian.

Brian and Tempesst Christian are left fighting back tears, as they reflect on the life of their son Brison, killed at just 2 years old.

“He was the kind of person who would light up a room," Brian said. "You could put him in a mixed crowd with anybody, any personality, you was going to love him.”

The entire Christian family was on their way home from their 9 year old son B.J.’s basketball practice when driving along I-75 near McNichols, their car was suddenly peppered with bullets.

brian christian
16:45:55 “We were just driving and all I hear is boom boom boom boom,” Brian recalled. "I knew it was guns, but I'm thinking its around me. I never knew they were aimed at us because why would somebody be shooting at us?”

Brian says he saw a man with a gun hanging out of a passing car, and then looked in the backseat, and saw his son Brison was shot in the head.

"I pull to the side and I'm trying to check everybody and Brison is just bleeding from his head with his head down,” Brian said. "I'm panicking, I'm waving for help, nobody is stopping. I get back in my car and I try to drive off but my car wouldn't budge they shot it up so bad.”

Brian's 9 year old son, who was also shot, called 9-1-1.

“The hardest thing ever is for my son to be literally dying in my arms and me being a father and I can't protect him. I can't help him,” Brian said.

Police don’t believe it was road rage, and the Christian family has no idea why their pick up truck was targeted.

“We’re not in the streets, we don’t do anything," Tempestt said. "I don't even know the cause of this.”

It’s one of a number of freeway shootings in Detroit so far this year, many of them fatal leaving innocent victims like Brison.

“The freeway shootings, they’re definitely out of hand," Brian said. "It needs to end.”

State police say multiple people were taken into custody Saturday. No names were released, as the investigation continues.

“I will be there at every trial, every pre-trial, because I'm going to make sure they get what they deserve,” said Brison's Grandmother Deborah Ross- Tyner.

“(He) loved to watch Spongebob, loved Oreo cookies," Brian said of his son. "He was just growing up.”

The Christian family, still grieving, is now left hoping that their son will be remembered, and his loss might spark change.

“I wanted with everything in me to see him grow up," Brian said. "If I would've died after he got grown, as long as I could see him turn into an adult and become a man.”

Brian’s brother is a Detroit Police Officer, and the department will be putting an an official fundraising page for the Christian family.

There will also be a balloon release Monday at Mumford High School at 7:00pm.