River Rouge marijuana dispensary offering drive-thru service amid pandemic

Posted at 12:31 PM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 12:31:05-04

Marijuana is a big business in Michigan. It continuously grows, evolves and expands, especially with how companies are able to serve their customers.

Herbal Healing in River Rouge may look like other marijuana dispensaries, but really it isn’t. They’re using their drive-thru to get their product to customers safely during this pandemic, the first of its kind in Michigan.

“Yes, completely out of the ordinary,” said Tarek Jawad, owner of Herbal Healing.

Herbal Healing was like other marijuana dispensaries in Michigan, looking for ways to safely open back up during the pandemic and serve their clients, for them the answer was their drive-thru.

“Technically it’s not allowed but do to COVID, we worked closely with the state to reduce human interaction even more by going above and beyond curb side pickup,” Jawad said.

Tarek’s business is in an old bank. He says using the drive-thru is easy and convenient.

“All they have to do is go to our website, place the order there. They go through the drive thru they pay and pick up and they’re on their way,” he said.

The dispensary is currently serving about 100 vehicles a day through the drive-thru only selling medical. Tarek says when they start selling recreational marijuana on Friday, he expects things to really pick up.

“We’re expecting our volume to triple if not more. It’s going to be crazy especially with the drive thru,” Jawad said.

In a day when businesses still want to be a cut above the competition and keep their customers safe, Tarek says you have to work with what’s available to you.

“As long as we’re under the covid emergency rules. Their going to keep it open for us,” he said.

Again Herbal Healing will start selling rec on Friday and Tarek expects a big crowd to turn up.