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Recently divorced? Your ex could have your stimulus check

FOX 17 Problem Solvers spoke with a woman in this very situation
Posted at 9:59 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 06:59:09-04

WXMI — Most eligible Americans have already got their stimulus checks, but some are still without.

Montcalm County resident Bridgette Holmes finalized her divorce last month, her stimulus check never came because it ended up in her ex’s bank account.

It’s a problem that many recently divorced Americans could be seeing.

“I waited until the 15th when they get my payment option was available. And it had told me that it was deposited that day,” Holmes said.

“It gave me the checking account number. Well the last four digits anyway. And i knew that it went to him, because that was his number,” Holmes added.

The payment was deposited in her ex-husbands account, because they jointly filed taxes last year.

“I texted him that day. And he said that he had talked to his lawyer and his lawyer told him that because we were married in 2019, and because the bill was signed, before divorce was final that he could keep that money,” Holmes said.

Bridgette says that's not true; her divorce was finalized on March 26th, President Trump signed the stimulus package the day after...

“So I contacted [FOX 17 Problem Solvers] after that, and then a few hours later, he sent me a text, asking me if I would accept payments from him.

Bridgette is willing to accept payments, as long as she gets the money. Right now she’d prefer that over taking legal action.

“I can't do anything. I mean, the courts aren't open for this kind of thing i tried calling the IRS all the local offices are closed,” she added.

Legal Aid of Western Michigan is still open, helping qualified people with a number of civil matters, Executive Director Pamela Hoekwater cannot comment on specific cases but had this to say,”

“It has created some confusion because those stimulus payments were connected to the taxpayer from the year prior,” Hoekwater said.

“Those are based on individual fact scenarios but I do think people can call us again for advice or so we could point them to resources,” she added.

Bridgette says her ex will start paying her back at the start of next month, we’ll stay on top of that.

If you do need help with a civil matter, you can call Legal Aid of Western Michigan at (616) 774-0672.