Pro-Trump supporters rally in Lansing for verification of Michigan votes in presidential election

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 15, 2020

A large crowd of Pro-Trump supporters gathered in Lansing Saturday rallying for the verification of Michigan's votes in the 2020 presidential election.

“We demand that every vote is verified," said Kevin Skinner, one of the events leaders. “All mail in ballot signatures must be confirmed, and every vote should be recounted by hand,” said Skinner. "We need investigations into what happened in Detroit, and other problems across the state."

Republican challengers filed lawsuits to try to stop the certification of Detroit’s election results. On Friday, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny denied their motion.

According to Judge Kenny, the plaintiff’s witnesses did not understand the ballot tabulation process, and that, “No formal challenges were filed. However, sinister, fraudulent motives were ascribed to the process and the City of Detroit. Plaintiffs’ interpretation of events is incorrect and not credible.”

Additionally, the Trump re-election campaign requested an independent audit of the election. This was also denied.

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Speakers at the rally include:

  • Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck
  • Pastor Phillip Smith
  • Radio host Randy Bishop
  • American Patriot Council co-founder Ryan Kelley
  • Incoming State Rep. Steve Carra
  • 2022 Republican Gubernatorial candidate Austin Chenge
  • Chairman of the Campaign to Impeach Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Republican Party Chair candidate Brandon Hall

The rally has been scheduled for noon to 4 p.m.

Watch the rally below: