Oxford High School students set to return to the school building on Monday

Posted at 9:16 AM, Jan 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-21 09:16:25-05

OXFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WXYZ) — On Monday, Oxford High School students will walk the halls of their school for the first time in nearly two months.

Renovations on the building have been underway since a student opened fire at the school killing four students.

For the last couple of weeks, students have been attending class in the Oxford Middle School building, but come Monday, they will return to the building where they saw some of their classmates for the last time.

"At first, obviously, we were all in shock, but slowly but surely, each day gets a little easier," Oxford High School parent Jenny Prather said.

Healing is a process. One Jenny Prather likes to take in stride.

Her son attends Oxford High and so far he's feeling confident about his first day back to school.

"They have spent so much time and energy getting psychologist and therapy dogs and security," Prather said. "I think they've done their absolute best to make every child feel comfortable."

Prather believes in moving past the tragedy, but not before addressing the mistakes made leading up to the shooting.

She's teaming up with a national organization called Be Smart for Kids. The organization educates parents on proper gun safety through different campaigns.

"I feel strongly that if they make it more difficult for children to access weapons then many of the tragedies will be able to be avoided," Prather said.

On Thursday, the school board held a special meeting for candidates in their superintendent search. They briefly touched on a safety report but said they would give a more thorough update at the next meeting.

"I think everything that they've done so far is excellent and they are moving in the right direction," Prather said.

That meeting where administrators will share their safety report will take place on January 25th.