New online kids show launched in Kent County

Posted at 7:09 AM, Jul 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-13 07:09:17-04

KENT COUNTY, MICH. — Many parents have had to take on the role of teacher throughout the pandemic and now there's an online kids program that could help

This kids educational program is called Wimage or words to images and it was originally planned for classroom visits but with school closures due to COVID-19 they created Wimee’s Words and they’re working with the Kent District Library.

Wimee’s Words is now a live 30 minute show online that airs every weekday that kids can interact with. The show encourages kids to get creative and use their imagination, build their vocabulary in both English and Spanish and work on storytelling through puppetry, music and wordplay. There are also daily guests.

“Kids can actually see that their thoughts are actually helping to create the conversation that we're having within the show. And that is to me very, very important, especially, you know, in light of what's happening, keeping kids engaged, but also letting them know that their ideas still matter, even though they're within their homes, they can do so many good things with the community,” says Michael Hyacinthe, Founder of Wimee’s Words.

Wimee’s Words is all about letting your kids be creators and to do so while they’re watching the show you can also download their free interactive app where kids can become authors, illustrators and designers or order these fun educational books.

Kids can watch every weekday at 9:30AM EST on and also by visiting