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Trump supporters asked to donate $3M to buy his childhood home

Trumps Boyhood Home
Trump Boyhood Home Auction
Trump Boyhood Home Auction
Trump Boyhood Home Auction
Trump Boyhood Home Auction
Trump Boyhood Home Auction
Trump Boyhood Home Auction
Trump Boyhood Home
Posted at 12:27 PM, Dec 14, 2020

QUEENS, NY — The childhood home of President Donald Trump in Queens, New York is reportedly for sale. A real estate agency is asking Trump supporters to donate to help purchase the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home, to show their “love.”

“Love Trump? Thank President Trump by contributing to this campaign to buy his childhood home in his honor!” a GoFundMe page reads.

The Tudor-style home along Wareham Place failed to sell at auction last year, and is listed for sale. Paramount Realty USA started the GoFundMe page to raise donations, with a goal of $3 million. As of Monday morning, they had around $6,500.

“We are raising funds to buy President Trump's childhood home for him, or a charity of his choosing, as a token of appreciation. What happens to the historic property is up to him!” the group states in the descriptionof their fundraiser.

The group lists possible uses for Trump’s childhood home, including as a presidential library, national historic site, trophy property or house of worship.

In September 2016, President Trump told tv host Jimmy Fallon“that’s really sad looking at that, I want to buy it, I want to buy it,” when Fallon informed the president his childhood home was for sale and showed images of it.

According to Paramount Realty, the home sold in 2017 for about $2.14 million. For a brief time, Airbnb listed the home as available to rent for roughly $700/night after the 2017 sale.

Online home listing sites have details of the home, now for sale again, including images of the interior of the home with what appears to be a cut-out of President Trump. The home appears to be listed for $2.9 million.

Trump lived at the home from birth to around age 4, when hisfamily movedto another home adjacent to the Wareham Place property.