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There's now a hotline specifically for caregivers

Posted at 5:47 PM, Nov 21, 2019

Depression. Exhaustion. Burnout. Stress. Those are just some of the words people are using to describe their experiences as caregivers.

Helping care for a family member or loved one can be hard work. People don't often talk about the emotional toll it can take on the actual caregiver.

Now the Caregiver Action Network is trying to provide help by launching a hotline specifically for caregivers.

They say it's not just for how to handle things like doctor’s appointments, medication or finances. They provide emotional support as well.

“Caregivers themselves go through feelings of depression, or anger, because this is not what you signed up for,” says John Schall, the CEO of the Caregiver Action Network. “Or guilt that you're not giving the proper amount of care to a loved one.”

Experts say emotional stress could also lead to physical health problems for caregivers, so it's important to seek this type of support.

Another thing the Caregiver Action Network can help with is finding support groups in your area, as well as income assistance if you've had to leave work.

Caregiver Help Desk experts say they welcome all types of calls. They've had calls where sometimes a caregiver doesn't know what type of help they need.

“Sometimes you don't realize what little bit of information can really put somebody in a really different place, where they are feeling like they have hope or have a direction maybe to go that they hadn't really thought of on their own,” says Jennifer Piscitello, a Caregiver Help Desk expert.

You can reach the Caregiver Help Desk by calling 1-855-227-3640.

You can also chat with them on or email them on that same site.