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Out-of-control truck narrowly avoids stranded motorist, police officers in close call

Posted at 2:08 PM, Nov 19, 2019

Dash camera video captured what state police in Illinois are calling a "miracle on the ice."

An out of control truck narrowly missed two troopers and a woman as they changed her tire along an icy road near Wayne City, Illinois on November 12.

The troopers pulled the woman out of the way into a ditch just in time and the truck passed over her. She was treated for minor injuries. The troopers weren't injured.

The dash camera also captured the reaction of a second woman who was sitting in the squad car

The truck driver was ticketed for failing to reduce speed to avoid a crash.

"Folks, we can’t stress this enough! SLOW DOWN!" the Illinois State Police said in a Facebook post. "As you can see, sometimes it’s a matter of life or death as a stranded motorist. It’s not just about us out there, it is people you know and love that we are assisting also."

"We were inches away from a different story being told. Literally inches."