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Kentucky man continues making music after tornado destroys home

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Posted at 12:59 PM, Dec 14, 2021

BREMEN, Ky. — Through the destruction caused by the western Kentucky tornadoes, people find encouragement and hope.

You may have come across a viral video of a man playing his piano in his wrecked home.

Jordan Baize says he didn't know his sister was recording when he played his old piano in his destroyed living room.

"The piano's very special to me. And I wanted to play it once more before more damage occurred to it," said Baize.

The piano can still carry somewhat of a tune, but what remains of the house is unrecognizable.

"We're in the middle of my home. Looks a little different than it did three days ago," said Baize.

He was hanging with his family last Friday night. They received an urgent text alert as they prepared for a bad storm.

"We immediately went to the basement. I'm glad that we did," said Baize. "Mattress over our heads, in the middle of the basement floor. It was loud, but it was also quick."

Baize says days later, his feeling is "thankfulness." He says he is much more concerned about those who lost everything in the tornado.

Eleven people died in the tornado that touched down in the Bremen area of Muhlenberg County. Dozens of homes are destroyed, and the old coal mining community is forever changed.

But Baize has hope after seeing the outpouring of support since the storm.

"It has been special. I've never been more proud of where I'm from," said Baize.

Baize may be a man without a house right now, but Bremen will remain his home.

Conroy Delouche at WLEX in Lexington, Kentucky, first reported this story.