Study: 7 in 10 Americans say Covid-19 pandemic is a reason to get healthy

Posted at 1:48 PM, Aug 12, 2020

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are motivated to improve their health during the pandemic, according to a new poll.

Researchers with MDVIP and Ipsos conducted the survey including Americans age 35 and older on July 9 and released their findingsthis week.

Some of the resultsconfirm what many of us are feeling: half of respondents said they feel more stressed, anxious and depressed than before the pandemic, and one in three said they have developed an unhealthy habit, such as overeating, excessive drinking or not exercising.

It seems the global pandemic is also spurring some positive trends, as Americans reexamine their health and habits.

The data found that 69 percent of participants said the pandemic had motivated them to be healthier. More than half, 52 percent, said it’s even more important now to get their body weight under control.

Obesity has been found to be a risk factor for Covid-19 complications.

“The pandemic is helping reinforce for many Americans the importance of maintaining a healthy routine and getting regular preventive care to not only mitigate their risk for COVID-19, but also to avoid other debilitating health conditions down the road,” said Dr. Andrea Klemes, MDVIP Chief Medical Officer.