Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger slams anti-maskers, anti-vaxers

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Posted at 1:24 PM, Aug 12, 2021

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has some strong words for individuals who won't get the COVID-19 vaccine or wear face coverings around others.

The criticism came during an interview posted online between Schwarzenegger, former National Security Council staffer Alexander Vindam, and Bianna Golodryga from CNN.

The Republican former governor discussed his efforts on social media to dispel misinformation online surrounding the coronavirus by posting guidance from health experts and safety precautions put in place during the pandemic.

He said people should be following the advice of health experts who have studied viruses their entire careers.

"Look, I am an expert on how to build a bicep," Schwarzenegger said. "There’s no one who knows more about a bicep than I do because I studied this issue for 50 years. And the same is also with the virus. There are people out there who are experts that studied this year after year after year … Dr. Fauci has been at this probably for his entire life, why would you not believe someone like that?"

Schwarzenegger went further, slamming individuals who have said they don't want to wear a mask based on their personal freedom.

"We have to come together rather than fighting and always just saying, ‘According to my principles this is a free country and I have the freedom to wear no mask.' Yeah, you have the freedom to wear no mask, but you know something? You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask. Because you're supposed to protect your fellow members around you, it's just that simple," said Schwarzenegger.

He added: "People like this can't just say: ‘Well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.' No, screw your freedom. Because with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities. You cannot just say, ‘I have the right to do x, y, and z.’ When you affect other people, that is when it gets serious."

Schwarzenegger urged people to work together more to help lower rising COVID-19 cases around the country by wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, and heeding guidance from public health experts.

"I want people to understand. I don't want to villainize anyone here, but I just want to tell everyone let's work together and let's stopping fighting. Because there is a virus, and it's better to get vaccinated and wear a mask," he said.

Schwarzenegger has been outspoken on Twitter about following public health policies and getting vaccinated.

This story was originally published by Mark Saunders at KGTV.