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Adopt a letter to Santa from a child in need this Christmas through the new USPS website

USPS Operation Santa will be online for the first time ever
Posted at 11:47 AM, Nov 20, 2019

If you're looking for a way to help children in need have a brighter holiday this year, the United States Postal Service has a simple way to help — and it's even easier this year than it's ever been.

Starting on Monday, for the first time ever, letters to Santa from underprivileged kids will be available for adoption online through the USPS.

People or families who want to "adopt" a child can pick a letter and mail the gifts directly to the children.

The USPS has been allowing the public to read and adopt children's letters from Santa since 1912 and many of those letters are written by kids and moms who ask for things like "a warm coat," "new shoes" or other basic necessities.

This year, the post office is making those letters available online for the first time ever.

Gifts must be mailed by December 20, in time for delivery by Christmas. If you want to "adopt" a child this year, visit the USPS Operation Santa page. If you’re writing to Santa seeking assistance, visit the USPS Writing to Santa page.

Keep in mind that each letter must be scanned in by Santa's elves, so check back regularly if you're looking for a child to adopt!

This story was originally published by Katie Cox at WRTV.